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Breaking down the "electric grid is vulnerable" stories.

We have been seeing an increasing number of stories on the vulnerability of our electric grid to outside attackers, but determining whether or not these stories are legitimate is exceedingly difficult. The reports are, understandably, short on facts and real metrics and long on anonymous quotes, speculation, and recriminations from the various involved parties. We may not be able to discern what the true nature of the threat against our power grid is, but we can figure out what are the right questions to ask so we can cast a more critical eye to the various news reports.

When the media claims that the electric grid is compromised out the wazoo, it is important to know what exactly is compromised. We can break down the target systems into two classes, specifically non-critical and critical. The non-critical systems consist of desktops and laptops belonging to the administrative, operational, and executive staff of the firm. Anyone who provides statistics showing the percentage of total systems that are known to be compromised at a power plant is likely only providing statistics on these non-critical systems. It would be foolish to suspect that these figures are going to be any different than any other similarly-sized enterprise. Also, while the number of compromised non-critical systems is a proxy indicator for the general security posture of the firm, but it does not tell us anything concrete about the other class of systems.

The far more important question is how many of the systems that are directly attached to industrial hardware are compromised. A compromise of a desktop or a server that is connected to a controller or a process control monitor could directly lead to blackouts and equipment destruction. Remotely enumerating these critical systems is extremely difficult, and determining their level of compromise without the explicit support of the power industry is almost impossible. Therefore, getting a third-party verification of the "power systems are compromised" story is not achievable at this time.

I am not saying that the power grid is secure or insecure. I am saying, however, that we must cast a critical eye to these stories to make sure we don't fall victim to the fear-mongering that permeates all too many security stories.

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