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What a difference a word makes.

I enjoy talking with reporters, and I do so quite frequently. It is part of my responsibilities at Cloudmark. Thankfully, most of the guys I talk to on a regular basis are extremely responsible, detail oriented, and diligent about the facts; a single omitted word can radically alter the meaning of a phrase.

Chris Hoff, a very well seasoned speaker and media contact, is now experiencing the repercussions of such an error. By dropping the word "security" from the phrase "Virtualizing security will not save you money, it will cost you more.", a reporter changed Hoff's statement from a negative statement about the security to a negative statement about his employer. As you can imagine, this has caused a massive headache for Hoff and his employer.

The only way to fix any misquote in the current media climate is to generate corrective content early and often, as I am doing with this post.

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