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Security Implications of "Two Chicks, One Cup": not a joke.

I can't believe I am writing this... but...

Several weeks ago, a video entitled "Two Chicks, One Cup"/"Two Girls, One Cup" was posted on the Internet. Mercifully briefly, it is a segment of film clipped from a coprophilia porn. The emergence of this video has been regarded as Web2.0's goatse and tubgirl, or single images of... lets say sexual activity that is several sigma's away from the norm. Exposure to this remarkable product of human ingenuity has increased dramatically since BoingBoing, one of the most popular blogs on the net, started referring to it recently. Reaction video's of people watching the video for the first time are more popular than the video itself. This meme seems to have a good bit of life in it as semi-professional spoofs (sfw) and follow-up videos, such as "Two Chicks, One Finger" (NO WAY SFW), started appearing on the net.

Websites have started sprouting up that claim to host the video, but actually host malware. If you attempt to search for either "Two Chicks(Girls), One Cup" or "Two Chicks(Girls), One Finger", you may end up at malware sites likes these. This is similar to the codec attacks recently described by Sunbelt Software. I am concerned that... I can't believe I am writing this... security vendors will be loathe to post warnings regarding malicious versions of the content because the content itself is so wretched. Users who become infected won't want to admit they were infected with malware while watching two women smear each other with shit and/or vomit.

You have been forewarned. Now I have to go bleach my eyes.

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It's sort of like infomercials. When you buy it and it doesn't work, you're so embarrassed that you bought it that you won't return it for the free money.

Of course, since shock websites always generate a lot of traffic, they are obvious attacks for getting traffic.


You know what would loosen you up? A few quarts of semi-solid shit on your chest. just all over. Oh does that stuff exfoliate. And to think we all get it for free.

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