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Testing show AV sucks.

The sorry state of industry-accepted anti-virus tests is gathering some attention in the technical hobbyist's press. New, independent testing organizations are getting into the act as well. Eventually someone in the mainstream press will pick up on the topic, but I doubt that it will lead consumers to purchasing AV products that actually work. Viruses and trojans have become far better at hiding their presence from the end user; unlike 10 years ago, we rarely hear about systems being wiped out by a virus. Most infected consumers don't realize it, and may not feel they need to remediate the issue. After all, if their mp3's aren't being deleted, who cares? Infected systems affect people around the user more than they do the user him/herself. The spam they send out goes to other people, and not to their own inbox.

Sidenote: I am very surprised at the low numbers quoted by av-comparatives for Kapersky's scanner.

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