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Welcome to Portland!

welcome to portland
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Murray Kucherawy flew myself and another friend to Portland this weekend. It was the first time I ever visited the city; at times it felt like Philly (industrial decay), and others like San Francisco-lite (hipsters). I was able to visit my old friends Liz and Matt and see Liz's recent sculpture work, which, I feel, tries to use people's compassion for animals to expose the suffering of human beings in the Portland area. The entire show of OCAC student work was far more impressive than anything I have seen in San Francisco as of late. Most of the art that I see on the west coast seems to be relatively low-brow, lacking a message beyond the artist saying "look at me and what I created".

Some random comments:
  • There is a chain called Javaman Coffee.
  • Powell's Technical Books has a more comprehensive selection than most engineering university bookstores.
  • The term "Clear cutting" had no meaning to me until I saw it from the air.
  • Flying in a Cessna was less terrifying than I initially expected.
The entire photoset can be found here.

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the first time i flew into portland seeing the clearcuts totally bummed me out. the second time i saw them we were driving to the coast taking a side road and drove thru one. desolate and sad.


Sanfrancisco-lite is a good word for it. And Powell's books is THE shit, one of the best bookstores I've ever been in.

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