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Small steps and shiny buttons.

MEAT Buttons
Originally uploaded by Adam J. O'Donnell.
It's been a few weeks since I posted anything substantial here. I took on a new role at work that has cut into the time I spend abstracting random security problems into bigger conceptual issues. That hasn't prevented me from writing, however. My article on stock spam, referenced here, made it into S&P this month. This is the first magazine article that I have written professionally, and while this may sound extremely dispassionate, the experience was very enjoyable. I like to write, and I didn't feel the pressures of proof and novelty that came with many of the academic publications I worked on in the past.

I started this blog as a scratch pad that I could use to transcribe random thoughts on techniques and trends in the industry, and then later on bake those into full blown articles for later consumption. The three testing articles have been repurposed for a work that will be published in Virus Bulletin shortly. The confidence that I gained by first jotting down random thoughts on the topic, sharing them with my community, then assembling them into a full blown article was invaluable, and a great way, for me at least, to build up an idea pipeline. Making sure I keep feeding the pipeline and posting blog entries will continually be a challenge, but at least I can establish milestones that are more finely grained than "concept" and "published work".

P.S. The picture is from the vendor table at the MEAT's 5 year anniversary party, held at DNA Lounge. I will post a few more pictures when I pull them off the camera or when they pop up on the DNA page.

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