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Making money on stock spam.

Spam Stock Symbols
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There have been many blog posts that basically say making money on stock spam is impossible, but I have to disagree. Sure, if you were to go long on the securities, you will lose a fortune. Over the short term, however, the spammers appear to be making a mint. I wrote a short article for an upcoming issue of IEEE Security and Privacy that essentially says that there is so much money being made on thinly traded equities by spammers that it is driving innovation in spam generation. I'll throw up a post once the magazine hits the presses.

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Hey Adam

This is the guy who owns the graph your using, there are a lot of folks out there I discovered who are speculating if spamming has an influence on the stock market.

The overall consensus is there is one, and it's effect is both positive and negative. Details for the graph are in my blog

In the next few months when I gather enough
spam again I'm going to rerun the report and
see if there are any other changes. Keep an eye peeled ;-)


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